Saturday, 24 December 2011

23.12.11. What a difference a week makes. Just the other day it seemed like the steel would never arrive. Now it's in, fixed and onto the next thing.........

Steel being fixed

Steel beam

Steel being fixed in place


With wall framing going up quickly you can now start getting a sense of what the spaces will feel like.

Next time i'll take photos from inside looking out, so you can too.

Side wall and slab for water tanks

Wall framing for ensuite and walk in robe

The team.........

Steve, Wes and ofcourse Zed

Thursday, 15 December 2011

16.12.11. Arrived on site today to the sounds of hammering and sawing.... the sun is shining. After weeks of idle and rain today is akin to the perfect day.
Steel which arrived on wednesday is now going up, floor joists are well under way, possibly finished by the end of today.

View of uni piers and floor joists
Close up view
This photos shows uni pier up close. The telescopic section is adjusted to the correct height and bolted into place. Pier is then ready to take the floor joists. A pretty cleverly designed system.

The two uni piers at the corner of the house replace the sandstone footing that had to be removed in order to allow the wall to drop down into the laundry.

Close up of uni piers and
corner of house where sandstone
pier was removed

Paling fence to back yard
has been installed
Zed in trouble for jumping
all over me

Front garden path has been poured
Retaining walls have been
core filled

Still need to decide if we will be doing anything with path in front of bedroom 2.

View to front of bedroom 2
21.11.11. Footings & Uni Piers.
I have not seen this type of pier used before. Will be interesting to see how the whole thing goes together. Builders think this is a really quick way of getting building out of the ground.

Mass concrete footings go in first. Uni
piers then get bolted to concrete.

Mass concrete footings go in first. Uni
piers get bolted to the concrete.

Uni piers in a row on the western side
18.11.11. Demolition complete.

Demolition comlete.

Holes are dug and formwork for slab is set
Then the concrete arrives
Zed keeps an eye on things

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

14.12.11. Builders started on site on 31 October after a one week delay as we worked to get contracts in order and the CC from the private certifier. Demolition work occurred during the first two weeks.

Demolition commenced after asbestos removal was completed

12.12.11 Blog commenced. Images of house prior to construction commencing.

Front of house

Back of house