Tuesday, 17 January 2012

13.01.12. Friday the 13th. Most of the framing is now up. From the photos the roof framing is clearly visible. The interior shots show the highlight windows above the kitchen and in the kids' play area.

Hightlight windows on
kids room side

Getting rafters ready to go in
View out to the back garden

Hightlight windows to the north

Flat out after a hard mornings work

5.01.12. A successful couple of days were had with Lynette and Vanessa both being on site. Two days were spent nutting out details on site, resolving joinery, and selecting fixtures and fittings.
Too busy to do anything as frivolous as taking photos, luckily I have one photo of everyone together to mark the occasion.

Bluestone Pavers for front
steps selected

Bathtub selected