Friday, 30 March 2012

30.03.12. Another beautiful day on site. Lots of action with gyprocking and roof sheeting being carried out. You will notice from photos that there has been a huge amount of work done since last post. Flooring has been laid, tiles have been laid and gyprocking is being carried out. It looks amazing on site, not sure if pictures capture it quite as well as being here.

Front elevation- New roof being installed
Renovation as viewed from street

Ensuite Tiled
Main Bathroom Tiled

Fireplace getting a facelift. Hearth is in.
Gyprock to kids room

Great view of living area/ deck relationship
View of main bedroom
Full View of Exterior

Friday, 16 March 2012

16.03.12.Another perfect day on site today. All work progressing well. Back entry into the kitchen looks like it needs a bit of a lift, I have included some photos below so we may all be able to have a bit of a brain storm, see if there is something we can do to stop it looking flat. Any ideas welcome, we can probably talk about exterior colours. I think that may help as well.

Kitchen entry viewed from front deck

Kitchen entry viewed from carport

View of balustrading to kitchen door

Friday, 9 March 2012

9.03.12. Finally a sunny day. Maybe Dave should come to site more often if he is going to bring the sunshine with him. Heaps has happened in this last fortnight as you can see from the photos. Glass is now in all windows and we also have doors.

We have now reached lock up stage!!!

When I say we it almost sounds like I have actually had a part in making this happen. Of course the progress has had nothing to do with me. Steve and Wes have done an amazing job. We have had so much rain in this last fortnight and still they carry on regardless. I don't think they notice it any more. This next week will see exterior linings and drainage being worked on prior to interior linings starting in about a fortnight.

Highlight windows and doors

Close up of windows
Back elevation
Glimpse of hightlight windows

Entry door now also in

Monday, 5 March 2012

24.02.12. A rare sunny day on site. A lot of the cladding is now on. Window frames are on, ready for glass due to be installed next week. Guttering is in, as is most of the roofing.

Roof over kitchen entry

Carport to handrail connection
The back entry with stair and handrail framed up
This photo does not reflect the pace of things on site

Back facade west side
Back facade east side